Egyptian Writings

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Egyptian Writings

When we talk about Egyptyan Wrting people usually think just in Hieroglyphicks writing. All along the Egyptian History there were three different writings ! Hieroglyphicks : It was the oldest and the most complicated writing . The Egyptians used it since 3100 b.C to 394 d.C, more or less. It was very difficult to write and understand because one symbol can have up to three different phonetics : a sound, a group of sounds ( syllable ) or one word. The Egyptians wrote it in papyrus and only the scribes knew how they had to write it, and they were the only ones that could understand it, too. When the hieratic writing started, the Hieroglyphicks writing was only for religious texts. Hieratic : It was like the son of the Hieroglyphicks writing. Obviously Hieroglyphicks writing wasn't the best for writing all the texts because it was very difficult to be writen and understood. The Egyptiants started to use the Hieratic writing. The Hieratic was easier than the Hieroglyphicks, and they started to use it in everyday life. The texts were usually writen with black ink and tapered shank. They used another color : red, but only for underlining the most important things. Demotic : It appeared at 660 b.C but it started to use as principal language at 600 b.C . It desappeared around the year 450 of our era. The term demotic comes from the Greek world ''demotika'', it means ''popular''. It referred to the daily topics. Herodoto was the first person who used this term. Demotic writing was an evolution of the spoken language. It's shorter and easier than Hieratic writing, too. It was of easy and fast stroke. The Rosetta StoneWe can understand the Egyptian writings thanks to the Rosetta Stone, a stone with the same text in Greek, Demotic and Hieroglyphicks. As we know Greek we can understand Demotic and Hieroglyphicks. The Rosetta Stone was very important to know more about Egypt. Jean-François was the person who translated Demotic and Hieroglyphics, in 1799.




By : Laura Morillo andDani Calvo


The Rosetta Stone




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