Egyptian Toothpaste

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Egyptian Toothpaste

Egyptian toothpaste

Egyptians used toothpaste more than 1,500 years before Colgate was making it in 1873.

Egyyptian toothpaste ingredients: one drachma of rock salt, two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together.

Todays toothpaste main ingredients: sodium fluoride, triclosan and E number flavourings.

An Egyptian toothpaste formula from the 4th century AD has been found in a collection of papyrus documents at the National Library in Vienna, Austria.

The Egyptian toothpaste receipe can cause pain in the mouth, and gum bleeding, but does clean the teeth great.

Toothbrushing tools date back to 3500-3000 BC when Egyptians made a brush by fraying the end of a twig.

Today regular and electric toothbrushes come in different shapes and sizes and are made of plastic handles and nylon bristles.


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