Egyptian Shoes

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Egyptian Shoes


For more than half of the recored history of ancient Egypt there was no record of the use of shoes, but about the beginning of the New Kingdom period (1500B.C.E). Sandals began to appear in hieroglyhs.


.During the Middle and New Kingdoms time, the sandals were commonly used. The use of covered shoes by the ancient Egyptians is not very well known. However some records suggest that shoes were made by weaving palm fiber and grass. In the Early Middle Kingdom, shoes were a modification of sandals.


Many people in ancient went barefoot their whole lives. It was warm even in the winter,and people thought shoes were an unnecassary expence. Kids especially didn't have any shoes, or they had their parents' old worn out shoes. People made special shoes for the pharaoh, that he would wear.

Evolved overtime.


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