Egyptian Religion

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Egyptian Religion


They were polytheists.That means they belived in a lot of Gods and Goddesses.


·Ra: God of Sun.·Osiris: God of Dead.·Isis: Goddess of magic.·Anubis: God of mummification.·Horus: Protector of Pharaon.·Hator: Goddess of music and happines.·Sobek: God of River Nile.·Maat: Goddess of justicie and true.·Bastet: Goddess of home and happines of life.

Osiris' judgeWhen a person died, people believed Anubis drove him to Osiris. When the person was with Osiris, Anubis took from his heart and put it on a balance. On every part of the balance there were the heart of the person and a feather (Maat). Then, Osiris made questions to the person, and the heart changed its weight. If the heart was heavier or lighter than the feather, the person died again, but, if the heart weight was the same of the feather, the person went to paradise.



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