[2018] Cooper Kean: Egyptian Pharaoh

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[2018] Cooper Kean: Egyptian Pharaoh

Egyptian Pharaoh

- As pharaoh, he must pay tribute to the chief god, Amen-Re. It's a pain but, if he doesn't do it, the empire could lose its divine order, or Ma'at. It could descend into Isfet (chaos) and he would be held responsible. It's not worth the risk.- A pharaoh must been seen as strong and powerful. He frequently goes out to survey his kingdom. This is a chance for the ordinary people to see him and see his strength, so he dresses up in his finest jewels and clothes.-  While the pharaoh had to do little work of substance, he was a very important figure in the Egyptian society. He was counted on for many things, and he could be blamed for many things, too. Even if they were outside his control.

- There's nothing like a slaughter to work up a big appetite, so the pharaoh returns to his palace for some lunch.- Afterwards, he jumps into his royal chariot for a tour of the city. Few people know what he looks like, so crowds of Egyptians gather in the streets to catch sight of their divine ruler.- Surrounded by bodyguards, he visits some construction sites where magnificent new buildings are being constructed in his honor.- Back at the palace, he gets a welcome break. After a day surrounded by people, he can finally be alone and wander through his beautiful gardens.

- The pharaoh would wake up at dawn, when his servants would dress him.- His day begins with cleaning and dressing by servants including the splendidly named "Chief of the Scented Oils and Pastes for Rubbing His Majesty."- When he is clean, he is dressed and adorned with a huge amount of jewelry. After all, he's the pharaoh. He owns vast amounts of gold and he needs to look the part.- The pharaoh then walks to the audience chamber to hold his daily meetings. As guests enter the room they prostrate themselves in front of him. He is a Divine Majesty - they are mere mortals.- As usual, there are ambassadors who are offering tributes from foreign countries, generals talking military matters, the usual nobility and some special envoys from across the empire.- Accompanied by the high priest, the pharaoh walks through the great temple to the sanctuary, enjoying the cool air and smelling the thick incense. Inside, he approaches the statue of Amen-Re. He asks the god some questions and receives answers from the high priest. The questions over, he is presented with a large bull. After prayers, the sacred butcher cuts the bull's throat as a sacrifice to the gods.

A day in the life...

Duties and Tasks




- His final daily duty comes in the late afternoon. He returns to the temple for a ceremony that marks the setting of the sun and the end of the day.- After that, he goes back home for an early night. After all, even divine majesties need their beauty sleep!



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