Egyptian Mythology

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Egyptian Mythology

Formal religious practice in Egypt centeredon the pharaoh, the king of Egypt who was believed to be a god.The pyramids were built to transport the pharaoh safely and comfortably to the next life. He was buried in a sort of maze, laden with riches and companions.The Egyptians believed the dark night sky was the gateway to the heavens.Isis was the god of magic, healing, and motherhood, as well as the wife of Osiris.Bastet was the cat goddess, associated with the sun and fertility.Cats were highly revered in ancient Egypt and even worshipped, perhaps for their attitude and hunting skills.

Egyptian Mythology

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Egyptian Facts

1)Tuat is the supreme god and ceator of heaven, earth, and the underworld.2)Osiris was the god of the underworld.3)Ra is the god of the sun. 4)Geb was the god of the earth.5)Nut was the god of the sky and heavenly bodies.

Osiris:God of Underworld

Geb:God of Earth

Ra:Sun God

Tuat: The Supreme God

Main Gods



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