Egyptian Mathematics

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Egyptian Mathematics

The ancient eqyptians were possibly the first people to practice the scientific arts. The Eqyptians had a decimal system using different symbols. 1 is shown by a single stroke 10 is shown as a hobble for cattle 100 is shown as coil of rope 10,000 by a frog 1M is shown as a god with arms raised above his head. Reading the eqyptian decimal system is pretty simple; the higher number is always written in front of the lower number and where there is more than one row of numbers the reader should start at the top.

The Egyptians had a writing system based on hieroglyphs from around 3000 BC. Hieroglyphs are little pictures representing words. It is easy to see how they would denote the word -bird- by a little picture of a bird but clearly without further development this system of writing cannot represent many words. The way round this problem adopted by the ancient Egyptians was to use the spoken sounds of words.

Egyptian Mathematics

Egyptians are largely responsible for the shape of mathematics as we know it. Their knowledge and techniques passed on to the Greeks, helping the Hellenes to develop their great store of mathematical knowledge.

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