Egyptian Life

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Egyptian Life


Children were the heart and sole of an Ancient Egyptain family. Family was very important. The children bonded the family. Although many woked, they all left time to play with thier family. The children grew up being taught to be respectful. Like I said earlier, children bonded the family so, if a couple couldn't have a child, they adopted one. Family was very important to Ancient Egyptians.

Amazing pictures from the period

Ancient Egyptian life was very complicated. Ancient Egyptians were very clean. They bathed daily. The rich bathed in tubs, while the poor bathed in the nile. They also ate well. Food was rosted, boiled, fried, dried, baked, and/or blended.They loved color so thier outfits are colorful. Upper class people wore gold, silver, lapis, and other gemstones and faience. Lower class wore copper, colorful stones, and faience. They owned homes with comfortable furniture. As you can see, Ancient Egyptians were very happy people.

All About Egyptians

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Life as an Egyptian


Art of games



Art of Gods

Death mask



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