Egyptian Gods

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Egyptian Gods

Son of Geb and Nut. Brother and enemy of Seth. Dying and coming to life god. Represented in the form of a mummy, with the scepter and the whip in his hands. Supreme judge of the dead.


The goddess of love and heaven, later - of music and dance. In Thebes considered for goddess of the dead. She look like a cow or with horns and a sun disk between them. Greeks identified her with Aphrodite , and the Romans with Venus .

The goddess of music, love and fun. She look like a cat or depicted with the head of a cat. It was believed that Bastet protects men against diseases and demons.

God of the dead. He took their souls to the judgment. Guardian of graves. He look like a jackal ordepicted with the head of a jackal. In the Middle State was replaced by Osiris.




Egyptian Gods

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