[2018] Cooper Kean: Egyptian Farmer

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[2018] Cooper Kean: Egyptian Farmer

Time Line

Egyptian Farmer

- Some of the crops need to be given to the temple as payment for use of its land. Today is that day. He fills several baskets and loads them onto donkeys, then delivers them to the temple with his two field workers. This is how he pays his taxes to the Pharaoh. - Each year he contributes to a stockpile that the government keeps to feed the people in case of famine or crop failure.

-As the sun rises on another hot day in the Egyptian countryside, Shenti wakes up and throws off the rough linen sheet that was woven by his wife.-He crawls out of bed to wash, shave and get dressed. Unlike people today, he doesn't have to think long about what to wear, because it's always the same - a coarse linen kilt and a pair of reed sandals.


-After breakfast of bread and fruit, Shenti goes to work and his wife lights the fire and begins grinding the wheat to make bread - the  main part of their daily diet.-Shenti doesn't have to worry about a long commute, because his workplace is minutes away, in the fields behind his house. This has been a good year and he's reaped a large harvest.

Early Morning

-On the way back to work, Shenti and his workers stop for a quick lunch of bread, meat and beer. They then work all afternoon through the hottest part of the day, in the fields, Shenti is working on his crops and tending his few cattle and ducks.-He is also commanded by the government to go work on huge public projects that benefit the whole empire. He doesn’t complain because he is paid for his work.


From July to October, his fields are flooded and unusable. He takes this time to mend his tools and home.

- Life for a farmer is governed by the sun.


This work is repetitive through the growing season.

-As he finishes his work, he sees the sun slowly go down and, after a tiring day, makes his way home.-He arrives back to find supper's almost ready. Once again, he's eating bread, meat and beer - there's not much variety to be had. But Shenti isn't used to anything else and, anyway, he's hungry and thirsty, so is happy enough.-As the sun goes down and night sets in, Shenti lights the small oil lamp. He and his wife put their children to bed. There's little to do except go to bed and get some much needed sleep before another hard day's work.

Its thousands of years before the discovery of electricity




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