Egyptian Daily Life

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Social Studies

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Egyptian Daily Life

Egyptian Daily Life

SlavesSlaves watched and took care of the fires. Slaves also ground wheat to make bread. The slaves carried vegetables in baskets and cooked meat.

Wealthy PeopleWealthy people had to look after their slaves. The men hunted wild ducks while the women sat, talked, and listened to music.

GamesKids played games like leapfrog. Girls danced around and boys pretended to be soldiers. The adults playedc board games.

FarmersThe farmers ploughed the land and cut the wheat which ox to make bread.



FoodThere was bread made out of wheat, onions from gardens in the salads, there were also beans, and there was fish from the Nile River.

ClothesTheir linen cloth was made out of flax. Men wore kilts and kids under 6 wore no clothes except for jewelry. Women wore a linen tunic that hung from their shoulders.

TradesEvery thing depended on the Nile River. There was small boats for small trade and big boats for big trade.

HousesThe houses had flat roofs and were made out of mud. The palaces were made out of stone.



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