Egyptian Concept Of Hell

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Egyptian Concept Of Hell

Sinners were said to be burned in ovens and cauldrons, and were forced to swim in their own blood, which Shezmu, the god of wine press, squeezed out of them.

The soul had to make the dangerous journey through the underworld in order to make it to "Paradise"

Egyptian Religion and Culture-Had a polytheistic belief system; worshipped many gods and goddesses, often depicted as part human, part animal-Believed in immortality and Osiris, therefore Egyptians prepared time and wealth for the afterlife.-Egyptian tales said that the sun god Re created the light and all things.-Immaculate temples were built to serve the patron god of that city.

The Egyptian Concept of Hell

The actual concept of Hell didn't arise until the 19th Dynasty, when the belief of Ammut, a daemon who ate the hearts of sinners, became widely popular.

The God Osiris was the "Lord of the Underworld"

-Souls were sent through the "Hall of Maat" for judgement-People could recite a spell from the Book of the Dead in order to keep their hearts from being judged against them

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