Egyptian Caskets

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Egyptian Caskets

Development of CasketsCaskets were origanally made to preserve and protectthe bodies from deterioration. Egyptians origanally mde caskets by wrapping the bodies in fur and placing tham in clay pots and some areas actually made wooden shaped coffins just for the person but this was only in certain areas. After a few years of Egyptians doing this they started to believe in the afterlife and religion and pyramids came into the picture. After they made Pyramids they wanted a safe place for Pharaohs to rest and a place for people to go to the afterlife. They began doing the ritual of removing organs and they made a better structure for the bodies to rest in. They made the caskets. If not for their religion the tombs would probably be full of bodies even more decomposed then they already are and they would be wrapped in fur and in pots.


How it evolvedEgyptians used to just lay corpses out in the sand to preserve them, that really was not working anymore so they started wrapping them in animal hides and outting them in pots or baskets and in some areas wood carved to the shape of their body. After they got more intelligence in the medical field they found a way to make the bodies decompose slower then before. They would remove all the soft organs and the brain. Kings, Queens, Paraohs, and the rich would have Caskets of gold while others were luck enough to even have their soft organs and brain removed it all depended on what the family could afford and for most, it wasnt much.

The affectCaskets had a huge affect on the Egyptian society. It was when their religion came into place and how they preserved bodies (The proccess helped to)

What affect did it have?


The ritualBefore the people were put into their caskets they did a ritual to keep the body in better shape longer and they believed it helped get to the afterlife. They removed all soft Organs with a tiny cut and then took the brain out through the nose. They believe there were two spirts your "Ba" and your "Ka" once they took out the organs they would fly out of the body and if they could find each other once again you would be granted a chance to get into the afterlife. They would then have to go through a trial to see if their heart weighed more or less then a feather if it weighed less you would pass if it weighed more you would not pass.

The Writing on the sideMost of the time royalty had drawing on the side of the casket. Those were drawings of things they achieved when they were alive and things they are remembered for. This is part of how we knew what each King, Queen, or Pharaoh did


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