Egyptian Amulets

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Egyptian Amulets

Egyptian Amulets

Precious Stones used in AmuletsSome precious stones used for making amulets are: emeralds, carnelians, lapis lazuli, turquoise, tiger’s eye, chalcedony, amethysts and many more.

Materials Some materials that are used for making amulets are: gold, bronze, copper, wood and many kinds of clay.

Death ItemsPeople thought that some of the amulets were magical. So those were brought with them for good luck to help them go to the after life.

Many Diffrent ShapesThere are many diffrent shapes some are: people, apes, jackal, falcons and many more. The ones I named are the more famous.

From Rich to PoorMany people from rich to poor would have amulets because they were made of a range of quality materials, but they all had the same purpose to be good luck charms.

Magical PowersThe amulets were claimed to have magical powers because the gods bless the amulets. Not all the amulets always have magical powers.

Blessings from GodsThe gods blessed the amulets mostly for pharaohs and their wives. They were also some times for rich people.

Before the PharaohsBefore there were pharaohs on amulets there were usually animals or had blessings engraved into them.


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