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Social Studies

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Fast Facts *The population in Egypt is about 70,000,000. *Egypt is warm throughout the year. *The language in Egypt is Arabic. *The capitol of Egypt is Cario. *The currency in Egypt is called a pound. *The main river running through Egypt is the Nile River.


This is a gyro (prononced you're-o)

Some of the food in Egypt is : Egyption flat bread, gyro, a sandwitch made with pita bread filled with sliced lamb severed with yogurt sauce, fresh vegetables and fruit, beans, eggs, and aysh.

Egypt's main holidays:Easter, Christmas, New Year,andRamadan

A long time ago Egypt was separated then united. Pharohs ruled for 3,000 years the next 3,000 years it was ruled by non-Egyptians.

Women wear long headresses, and men wear long robes to keep them cool.

This is a map of Egypt

This is the coat of arms.

This is a picture of Ra the king of the GODS the sun GOD


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