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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

Egyptians lived in clay houses and cooked in ovens made of clay. They mainly ate bread along with beer and the wealthy drank wine.

The Pharaoh had the most difficult job but was the most powerful. Everyone was ranked based on their job, the Pharaoh was at the top and the slaves and farmers were at the bottom of the pyramid.

Men and women wore clothing made of linen and the wealthier wore better quality clothing along with jewellery.

Senet was the most common board game played in Egypt, mostly played by the wealthy.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx are the oldest and most visited bulidings.

The temple of Karnak is the largest temple in Egypt.

The Pharaoh was the leader of the country, politically and religiously.

The Pharaoh took a process of three months to be mummified, then had a huge burial ceremony.

Hieroglyps were the Egyptians way of communicating through images and symbols.

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