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Come visit a land of our past kings! Many pyrimids and crops are grown here. We own the famous Delta, and the Nile runs right through us! Why not stop by; get a taste of what Egypt has to offer!

People get around in cars, taxi's, and buses. Some people, that live in urban and rural areas, still get around with donkeys, horses, and camels. Egypt even has a domestic airline!

Don't be a butt, come visit King Tut!

14% are imployed, most are farmers.GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is about 271.97 US dollars.


Fun Facts!

2: Cairo is the capitol of Egypt

1: Women earn 1/4 of the Nations income

3: Cellular phone access is widely avalible

4: Egyptians eat their food with a fork in their left hand, and a knife in their right hand.

5: A man shakes hands with a woman only if she extends her hand first

6: Eypts population is about 86,895,099 people

7: Belly dancing and its music are deeply rooted in Egyptian culture

8: Slightly more boys are enrolled in school than girls

9: Egyptians have always found a love for poetry

10: Common foods in Egypt are rice, bread, fish, lamb, chicken, turkey, and stuffed vegitables

The climate in Egypt includes being hot and humid in the Summer, and it can reach up to about 108 degrees Fahrenheit. There are moderate winters there, with an average of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In spring time, Egypt is very hot and has dusty wind. Also, it rains a lot around the Nile area.

People in Egypt enjoy sports like soccer, and people in the middle class and are wealthier enjoy going to sports clubs and doing sports like Judo, Tennis, Swimming, and horseback riding. In their freetime, Egyptians like to go to the movies, and dramatic mini-series and talk shows are the most popular.

People in Egypt comunicate usually verbaly, using Arabic, but sometimes when they are closer, they give each other kisses on the cheeks and hug them. If the relative was not seen for a while, a kiss on the forehead is appropriate. Also, if a handshake is refused, one would bow to the other.

Some physical features in Egypt include the Nile/Delta, the Sahara Desert, small, inhabited oasis's, and very fertile soil near the Delta.




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