Egypt S.P.I.C.E

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Egypt S.P.I.C.E

Egyptians adapted to their enviornment by making houses out of mud bricks, they would also sleep on their roofs in a hot summer night. The Egyptians were also very skilled architechts and their best works were the pyramids and the sphynx.

Egypt was a united kingdom with a single ruler which indicates that the first pharaoh set up a form of central government and economic system. Agriculture was the foundation of Egypt's economy and government


Interaction with enviorment

The social status in egypt was mostly like all the other places. The lowest were slaves, peasants, craftsmen,merchants, scribes and everything else above them weren't considered lower class. the highest were soldiers, government officials and pharaohs.

Social status of ancient Egypt.


Egyptians had a lot of festivals or rituals to express their gratitude and love for their land. If a person was ungratefull there was a big chance that he may be shuned since at that time being ungratefull was believed to lead to bad behavior, "a gateway of sin". The Egyptians also believed that humas were co-labourers with gods and they had a distinct god for one thing or a group of things. They did not believe in one god. As many others would think, the gods were created to give meaning to how everything was created and how it all started.

Egypt's culture

Egypt had a coin money economy. The coin was worth what it weighed and so there were many variations of coins. Egyptians also didn't own slaves, they had servants and the slaves that went to egypt were from other places. Egypt's economy was also based on agriculture and so a lot of Egyptians were farmers and farmers were in the middle of Egypts social class.


Egypt is basically part of the Sahara desrt. It rarely rains in Egypt. The Nile river is the reason why Egypt has humans that settled in Egypt. The Nile runs straight through Egypt and is the main water source for crops and it provides yearly silt (natural fertilizer) when the River floods. Houses are made of mud bricks in Egypt and it is also hot there.

Geography of Egypt


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