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Egypt History SAM


Ancient Egyptian fun and games are different to Australian fun and games in a big way.Lots of games that were played were played with small pieces like knucklebones or small stones, like jacks. (Knuckle bones are really the ankle bones of sheep.Boys would normally play contact s[orts while the girls played with dolls made of old rag and stuffed them with papyrus reeds. In Australia we have evolved and made peices out of wood, plastic, metal etc. We play alot of contact sports like Australian Rules Football, Rugby etc, we also play alot of non-contact sports like tennis, golf, hockey, cricket, swimming etc.In Australia we take out sport very seiously.

Funerary Practices

Amazing pictures from Egypt

In Ancient Egypt the funerary practices are very, very different to the funerary practices in Australia today.In Egypt important people like kings, queens, wealthy people etc. are burried in a tomb, but first there is a procedure to wrap the bodies right. In Australia there are two choices of how you want to be burried like in a coffin, cremated, burial at sea etc.People also often have insurance so if they are injured or killed the familyof the deceased person gets money to cover the funeral, but not all people have insurance.

Fun and Games

The Government and Political structure from Ancient Egypt is very different to the Government and Ploitical structure from Australia today. Ancient Egypt's government became more centralized during the Old Kingdom. Building large stone pyramids meant the pharaoh had to make changes to the government. Pharaohs from Dynasties Three and Four maintained a strong central government and they had almost absolute power. The Government in Australia is different to Ancient Egypt because they don't decide if they are the government, but the country/ We get to vote.When we vote there are booths that we have to vote in so other people can't see. There aer also a few choices of who is running for government like Labour, Liberal, Greens etc.

Government and Political Structure

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