[2015] Willem Schluter-Prouse: Egypt History

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Ancient History

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[2015] Willem Schluter-Prouse: Egypt History

Egypt History

Ancient Egyptian have had several different politcal structures but the first was created inbetween the Dynastic and Old Kingdom periods. Two factors decided the Egyptian government, the agriculture and the Pharaoh. Most of the time the Pharaoh appointed the other officials, agriculture had the most involvment in the descion as it was the main source of Egypts economy. Unlike Australia it is very serious with hundred's of different leaders accross the country, going from town leaders to the head leader of Australia.

Anceinet Egyptian Political System

Amazing pictures from the period

Ancient Egyptians could'nt rely on technology like we have in modern Australia, so they had to come up with their own games and entertainment. They came up with a lot of different types of games, both stratergy and physical games. A lot of our current games we play today are based around the games Ancient Egyptian's played. Some of those games are Javelin, long jump and chess. To this day they are still very popular and played globaly. A lot of the games were played in teams although the individual games were much more popular. Other than games Ancient egyptians liked to entertain them selves by dancing, seeing roll plays or building furniture. Most egyptian also had a fascination for hunting in large packs of up to 120, but no one quite knows why such large numbers were used when they hunted. In Australia we have a plethora of entertainment. Board games, electronics, theatre and physical games. All are very popular but Electronic's are becoming incresingly more popular and becoming a problem for Australia's social society.


Egyptian's did'nt eat much of a varierty of foods as they wer'nt avaliable, but they made good use of the foods that were avaliable. Bakers often made bread, soup and porridge from wheat and barley. They also fermented barley to make beer. Egyptian's farmed most things they ate including vegetables, figs and melons. Since they had to hunt their own meat they didnt catch a lot of meat. Cow and Sheep were the only animals caught as they were most common. Australia is much different, as we have a large varierty of foods from all over the globe. Depending on religion or wheather your allergic to certain foods we almost have everything avaliable. We eat all different trypes of meats, vegetables, sweets and cultural foods. We are also very lucky as we can eat at all different types of places like a pub, restaurant, home, cafe, fast food chain or deli. Australia also makes their own combinations of food to make different types of meals and drinks.

Ancient Egyptian food

Amazing video


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