[2015] Megan Brown: Egypt History

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Ancient History

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[2015] Megan Brown: Egypt History

Egypt History

The ancient Egyptian social structure was shaped like a pyramid, the gods were above all and then came the pharoahs who only obeyed the gods. Goverment officials nobles and priests helped the pharoahs with their duties and only had the best of everything. The middle layers consisted of soldiers, scribes merchants, artisans and farmers who only got what they needed if they were lucky. at the very bottom were slaves and servants who bearley ate or drank most resorted to theft for which they were punished harshly. The Australian social structure depends on money and where you live instead of the other way around. however most people will not admit that there is a social structure in australia.

Egyptian / Australian Social Structure

Ancient egyptian "commons" ate bread loaves made of coarsse grains which they called cyllestis. They ate fish raw, or preserved in salt brine.They made their beverages from barley because they had no grapes / vines in their country. The pharoahs feasted on any foods they wanted and had a pretty balanced diet eating only the best of everything.In australia there is a large range of different quisines such as asian, japanese, chinese, british and american. There is a large range of foods although not all healthy. Egyptians had a good diet with all five food groups however australians have the option of any foods they want and yet australians do not often eat all five food groups

Egyptian / Australian food

Egyptian / Australian fun and gamesMany Ancient egyptian fun and games used balls, sticks and wooden carvings. balls were the most common balls were made with a rubber type skin filled with chaff which was wrapped tightly with reeds covered in leather which was inside the rubber. The toys children played with were often wood. simple carvings of animals were the most popular among the poor people while the rich had complicated and valuable toys.Australian games are often a simple version of sports. chasey is a game that helps with games that involve chasing a ball, puck etc. while modern toys can talk, move and much more. When these toys are compared to egyptian toys they seem very smart and sophistacated.

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