Egypt History

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Ancient History

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Egypt History

Egypt History

Settlements in Egypt date back to 40,000BC with Aterian tool manufacturing. Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150BC with the political unification of the upper and lower egyptunder the first Pharaoh of the dynasty, Narmer. Egyptian rule lasted until the conquering of Egypt by the Acheamenid Persian Empire in the 6th century BC. In 332 BC Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great conquered Egypt resulting in Egypt becoming one of the provinces of the Roman Empire. Roman rule lasted from 30 AD to 641 AD.

Living in Egypt

Amazing pictures from the period

The practices of the Egyptians religion was the efforts to provide for the gods and gain their favor. Formal religious practices were centered on the pharaoh who was believed by the people to possess a divine power by virtue of his position. The people could speak with the gods for their own purposes asking for help through their prayers or compelling them to act through magic. The Egyptians believed in different gods such as the sun god Ra, the creator god Amun, and the mother goddess Isis along with many others. The Egyptians also believed that humans possessed a ka (life force) which when you died leaves your body. While your alive the ka was sustained by food and drink so they believed the same terms applied even after death, they also believed everyone had a ba. The ba was said to be spiritual characteristics unique to each person and that unlike the ka when you die it stays attached to your body.

Egyptian religion

King Tut. His original name was Tutankhaten meaning “Living image of Aten’ while Tutankhamun mean “Living image of Amun” the name Tutankhamun was originally written Amen-tut-ankh. Tutankhamun was the son of Akhenaten (formerly Amenhotep IV) as a prince he was known as Tutankhaten. He ascended the throne in 1333 BC at the age of 9 or 10 taking the throne name Nebkherperure. When he bacame king he married his hald sister Ankhesenpaaten who later changed her name to Ankhesenamun, they had 2 daughters both were still borns. He reigned for approximately 10 years .

Important person of the Ancient Eyptian time


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