[2015] semn rockstar: Egypt History

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Ancient History

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[2015] semn rockstar: Egypt History

Egypt History

Religious BeliefsReligion guided every aspect of egyptian life. Egyptain religion based on polytheism, the worship of many gods and godesses. But Egyptain religion beliefs were also their ideas of the after life.

The old kingdom waswhen upper and lower Egypt became one.The pharoahs were buried in pyramaids and the capitoal was Memphis. Also it was the first kingdoms peroid.The middle kingdom waswhen Egypts army became stronger, when trade along with other arts , science and literature flourished. Also instead of the pharoahs being buried in expensive pyramaids, they were bureied inside hidden tombs. This was called the "Golden age".The new kigdom was called the "Imperial Age." They had a new Empire, miletary conquest, and was an expansional period. The pharoahs were not only described as their leader but also as

First, they take out all of the organs expet heart while priest chats during process.

Then, the body is covered with linen,and amuluts are placed in between it.

Next, the body was covered with natron and was left to sit there for 4-5 days

After, the bodys are placed in a veriaty of coffins.



This is the hieroglyphics chart.

"Do what you have to accomplish never give up"-King Tut

This is the pyramids in Egypt.


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