egypt ancient, Carina and Josephine

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Ancient History

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egypt ancient, Carina and Josephine

Ancient Egypt

Egypt had some of the first advanced cities. Their first capitol was called Memphis, and it involved trade, and was a booming metropolis for civilization. Even before that, there were two kingdoms.

During the predynastic period, Egypt built farming practices that would lead to specialized jobs like pottery making, jewlery making, etc, which then lead to abundant trade. Also, government positions came about.These are canopic jars from Egypt .

Specialized Workers

Advanced Cities

The Egyptians were famous for their complex institutions to store things, like the pyramids. The reason that they are complex is because it took lots of manpower and archetechtual design to create them for the kings who died.This making of the pyramids turned into a daily lifestyle for the egyptians to honor their fallen emperors. They're unique shape is still iconic to this day. We still revel in the fact that people had made these pyramids so many years ago just out of stone bricks.

Complex Institutions

The Egyptians were also famous for their complex record keeping. They would scribe heiroglyphs on the walls of tombs to tell stories about the dead person or about their multiple gods. Heiroglyphs are a picture language as shown here

Record Keeping

Advanced Technology

Egyptians invented lots of simple machines to build their complicated infrastructers, like the lever and ramp. They also made paper out of papyrus, and beams to stiffen ships. Lastly, they made pottery, makeup and jewlery for cosmetic and practical use.

Fact: Egyptians loved cats!!!!


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