[2010] Zoe B (Class of 2021): Egypt

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[2010] Zoe B (Class of 2021): Egypt

To Egyptians a Pharaoh was a ruler, a preist, and a god.The Pharaoh would rule on Earth the way that other gods ruled in heaven. The Pharaoh chose all government officials. They made certain that taxes were gathered and bulding permits were given out. The Paraoh was in charge of trade with other lands. Pharaohs were treated with much respect. Whenever they appeared in public, people played music on flutes and cymbals. They also bowed and "smelled the earth" or touched their head to the ground.

The Nile River

Egyptians settled in the Nile River Vally of northeast Africa. Egyptians built a civilization that lasted for more than 2,000 years and leaft a lasting influence on the world.

The Nile River flows north 4,145 milesfrom the mountains of central Africa to the Mediterrranean Sea. Shortly before the Nile reaches the sea, it branches to form a fan-shaped area of fertile land called delta. Most ancient Egyptians lived in this area. Every year, about the middle of July, the Nile over flowed its banks. The flood waters left behind large amounts of rich soil good for growing crops. The farmers planted their feilds while the soil was stil wet.

The Old Kingdom

At first Egypt was made up of two kingdoms. One was Upper Egypt (the southern part of Egypt), and one was in Lower Egypt (the northern part of Egypt). Narmer took his army into Lower Egypt and got the crown. He became known as "Wearer of Both Crowns."


The Pharaoh

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