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Social Studies
Ancient History

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The most important of these helpers was Pharaoh's right hand man, his Vizier.


Specialized Workers

Builders of pyramids, slaves, doctors, engineers, architects were the skillful workers of ancient Egypt. The unskilled workers in Egypt were peasants who worked for the government and after finishing thier jobs, returned back home. The skilled workers included painter, sculpters, and other craftmen.

The Egyptian citizens lived in farming villages as far back as 5000 B.C. Trade affects all of the social classes of Egypt. Egyptians traded goods along the Nile River such as gold, papyrus, linen, and grain and even artifacts. Their government was their Pharaoh and his Vizier who commanded all the laws of the cities.

Advanced Cities

Complex Institutions

Pyramids and mummies, the most well known and long lasting traditions of Egypt. Paid laborers and slaves provided the work for the pyrmaids for their Pharaohs. as holy tombs for their "Gods"or Pharaohs, the peaseants mummified the dead as a way of passing to the after life.

Record Keeping

Hieroglyphics- meaning sacred writing.

Simple pictographs were the earliest form of writing in Egypt. Scribes then quickly developed a more flexible writing system called hieroglyphics. Papyrus was paper like sheets used to write the records, from the Marshy, Delta.

Advanced Technology

Acient egypitans developed a calender to help them keep track of the time between floods and planning their planting season. They had a system of numbers for couting, adding and subtracting. The Egyptian structures are some of the largest constructions ever built by humans. Measurments used to conduct their remarkable pyramids and palaces. The Egyptians made many ancient machines, such as the ramp and the lever, to help build the monuments.

Hieroglyphics served as the basis for the Egyptian alphabet and later introduced our alphabet today..


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