Egg Unit

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Life Science

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Egg Unit

Divide the class into two lines. The first person in line will pass a hard boiled egg over their head to the next person. When the last player gets the egg they will run to the front of their line and start passing the egg again. The first line to get the first player back at the front is the winner!

Social Studies: Pre-Writing Graphic Organizer

What is an egg?It's a special place.It's warm and it's safe.It's a cozy space.What is an egg?It's a place to startGrowing bones and a beakAnd feathers and a heart.What is an egg?It's a place to growFor a chick and a duckAnd an owl and a crow.What is an egg?It's a place to beginFor all sorts of birds;For rooster and hen.

Egg Unit

What do you know about eggs?

Movement: Outdoors Activity

Science: Making Rubber Eggs!

Math: Scrambled Eggs!

Literature Connection

Poem: by Lucia Henry

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