Egg Lab.

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Egg Lab.

~Egg Lab~

Day 3

Day 6

Conclusions (draw conclusions about the experiment. Be sure to accept or reject your hypothesis and explain why.): Like osmosis the egg soaked up the vinegar and grew, the shell of the egg dissolved and turned brown and squishy.

Day #0 Just a egg

bottom- vinegar egg

Experiment (now you will test your hypothesis by conducting an experiment. This is the lab demonstration we are doing in class):Fill a beaker with vinegar.Add raw egg (make sure vinegar completely covers egg).Let egg soak in vinegar for one week. I will remove egg from vinegar and post pics to my webpage on day 3 and day 6 (record observations below)After removal of egg on day 3, replace with new vinegar.Keep vinegar/egg in refrigerator for the duration of experiment.

Day 1: soft squishy and the shell is dissolving and the egg grew bigger.Day 3: Egg grew bigger than before and feels squishyDay 6: It got bigger. I can see the nucleus. It has completely lost its shell. Its feels rubber and squishy.

raw egg on left

What is the active chemical in vinegar? Acetic acidWhat is an egg shell made of? calcium and carbonateIs a raw egg a single cell or multi-cell? Single cellExplain? the big yolk is like the nucleus and the shell covers the membrane and the membrane is the egg whites. What is Osmosis? a movement of water molecules through a cell wall or membrane from an area of high concentration to low concentrationWhat is diffusion? things spreading from the molecules. out and in.Make a Hypothesis (this is a prediction that is based on your Problem Statement): I think the egg is going to get soft and squishy because of the chemical reaction of the acetic acid.

Was your original hypothesis correct or incorrect? Explain. It was partly correct because I thought that the egg would grow because of the acetic acid but I was wrong, it was the water that went through the egg like osmosis and that made it grow.What happened to the eggshell and the size of the egg? Why do you think this happened? Hint…..include the word osmosis in your answer!!! The egg shell dissolved and the egg grew very big. The egg grew because the egg soaked up the water from the vinegar like osmosis. (liquid; usually water going though a cell membrane. Going from high concentration to low concentration till they're both equal.)


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