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Egg Art

Besides the simple painting of the eggs ,in all settlements of Bukovine there were two classic techniques: using a brush or a nib coated in oil or wax, which made the artists recognisable by their art.Painting with a brush implies coloring directly on the surface of the egg , drawing thick lines and applying only three or four basic colors . After that we add floral motifs , inspired by the traditional shirts or national garb ,but also by the models and architectural motifs of the houses , orthodox icons or the views specific of the village .Painting with a nib means using a black ink to make drawings that will later be filled with colors.

The custom of painting the eggs ,known by many nations from ancient times ,is,for the christians from Bukovine,a necessary practice to prepare for Easter.

The art of egg painting

Painted eggs are the absolute symbol of Easter ,they are brought to church ,put underneath the icons or sent to our friends and families as a gift . Bukovine is the place where this traditon flourishes into a national art admired all over the globe!!!

The rustic art of Easter eggs painting is very old and dates back to the Pre Christian period. This tradition is very well represented in Bukovine and the eggs are real jewels that combine a variety of colors to express the arrival of spring

The eggs have symbols like: leaves ,plants,fruits ,houses, pines ,fields ,families, children ,animals , insects or birds ( oxes, cows, lambs, pigeons, bees, lions),crosses ,priests ,Jesus on the cross ,saints etc.The colors of the eggs are very rich and they hold special meanings : red represents the blood of Jesus Christ , blue is sky and health , black is a symbol of the Earth and eternity , green is life ,nature ,fertility and yellow is the symbol of the Sun.

Eggs by "Lucia Condrea", Moldoviţa - Bukovine

There is a museum that shows her creations!


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