Effects of painkillers

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Effects of painkillers

History InformationThe first medicine to relieve pain was used as early as the 4th to 5th century (B.C). The earliest painkiller that was invented was the Aspirin and the Acetaminophen, around the 1950’s. Some more over-the-counter painkillers include:-Tylenol, Tylenol Codeine -Oxycodone-Oxycontin-Vicodin-Methadone-Percocet -etc.

The Effects of Painkillers

EffectsThe effects of painkillers are mainly all the same, to relieve certain pain(s) that are intolerable without certain substances.Even though painkillers are 100% legal, they cause more death annually than any illegal substance combined. Yes, that includes heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and much more. These painkillers cause more than 180,000 + deaths every year JUST IN THE U.S. This is mainly due to overdoses, addiction, and other negative side-effects.

As you can see, this chart was completed in 2002, so the deaths are way more now. Pharmacy companies are causing more deaths than any illegal drugs out there today. This is an issue that many people turn their heads away from, because they think that just because its legal its completely safe, which as you can see is not the issue. These pharmacy companies are also making so much money off of these painkillers.

How they work?Painkillers don’t all work the same way. For example, Tylenol is not the same as oxycontin or methadone. Tylenol is used to relieve some minor pain(s), whereas oxy (and others) is used to relax the actual muscle(s) to relieve pain.

Positive and Negative effects

Some mental side effects can include-Hallucinations -Depression -Anxiety -Paranoia

Some pshysical side effects can include -Liver damage -Constipation -Feeling sick -dry mouth -etc.

-Itchy skin -Blurred vision -Difficulty passing urine -nausea

They call Oxycontin the “HILLBILLY HEROIN”, because it’s a synthetic, cheaper version of Heroin (The illegal street drug), even though they are both made out of the opium plant.“Pretty much as long as I can remember I’ve had highs and lows. I would get easily upset by the littlest things, I would have anger outbursts, or hate someone for no reason at all. For a long while I had thought I was bipolar. I started using drugs last October to help me with my unwanted feelings. But believe it or not, it just made stuff worse! I had to now deal with my addiction and my emotional problems.” – Oxycontin Addict “I didn’t think I had a ‘drug’ problem—I was buying the tablets at the chemist [drugstore]. It didn’t affect my work. I would feel a bit tired in the mornings, but nothing more. The fact that I had a problem came to a head when I took an overdose of about forty tablets and found myself in the hospital. I spent twelve weeks in the clinic conquering my addiction.” —Alex (Oxycontin Addict that overdosed)

How Painkillers work

Effects of painkillers



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