Effects of Oil Mishaps

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Effects of Oil Mishaps

Effects of Oil Mishaps

Exxon Valdez was an oil tanker captained by Joseph Hazelwood that gained notoriety after spilling estimated at 257,000 to 750,000 barrels of crude oil in Alaska,the second largest oil spill in United States history, on March 24, 1989.

Oil affects wildlife by coating their bodies and can cause many problems. Some oil only gets stickier over time, called weathering. These animals wont necessarily avoid an oil spill. Some fish are attracted to oil because it looks like floating food which endangers sea birds, who are attracted to schools of fish and may dive into the water to get them.

Shrimp born without eyes, clawless crabs, and fish with visible tumors are some "horribly mutated" marine animals found in the waters off the Gulf Coast. Scientists say the problem is a side effect of the April 2010 explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which killed 11 people and spilled at least 4.9 million barrels of oil into the ocean.

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