Effects of Obesity on Health

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Effects of Obesity on Health

Details moderate obesity- dramatically raises the risk of obesityobesity- affects the knees and hips because of the stress placed on the joints by additional weightthe report on nearly 3 million- those whose BMI ranked them as overweight had less risk of dying than those of normal weight

Effects of Obesity on Health

Big IdeaObesity-extensive negative effect on healthWeighing too much-increases risk for developing health problems

Over Timechildren and adolescents- 15% are overweight, 4% were overweight a few decades agochildren and adolescents- percentage of obese children more than doubled since early 1970s

Patternsone obese parent- 50% chance child will be obese2 obese parents- 80% chance child will be obese2 leading causes of death and disability-stroke and heart disease (if obese)if overweight- most likely to have elevated blood pressure

Rulespossible health effect: high blood pressure-increases workload of heart because must pump more blood through extra blood tissuesmay be at risk for obesity's health effects if body max index (BMI) shows you're obese (exceeding 25)

Ethicslosing 5% of current weight-reduces risk of experiencing dangerous effects of obesityobesity- among easiest medical condition to recognize, most difficult to treatobese children- experience social discrimination and low-self esteem (become insecure)society, culture, and media- send messages about body weightshould government make laws restricting sugary drinks?

Trendscontributions to obesity-genetics, nutrition, physical activity, family factors, poor eating habits, overeating, lack of exercise, family eating patterns, pressures

Across DisciplinesMedicineBiologyNutritionPsychology

Different oint of ViewDoctors say obesity may result in longer lifesome day obesity's a serious health riskExtra fat accommpanied by extra muscle can be healthySome say fat's protective

Unanswered QuestionsHow accurate is the study that says obesity may result in longer life?How can we find out for sure?

Languag of the Disciplinesobesity- negative effect on healthblood sugar becomes elevatedhealth problemsrisk of dyingdangerous effects of obesityexcessively high amount of body fat

Obesity Affects the Knees and Hips

Obese Children Experience Social Discrimination



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