Effects of High G-Forces on the Human Body

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Effects of High G-Forces on the Human Body

Effects of High G-Forces on the Human Body

The 3 Axis of G-ForceGx—The force acting on the body from chest to backGy—is a lateral force that acts from shoulder to shoulder.Gz— is a gravitational force that is applied to the vertical axis of the body.

If you experiance high enough g-forces for a long enough period of time, tissue ischemia may occur. Tissue ischemia caused by G-forces is when blood is forced into your lower extremities due to high G-forces causing insufficient blood flow to your brain. This causes hypoxia. Your eyes' retinas are especially sensitive to bloodflow so you'll first experiance impaired vision. Eventually consciousness will be lost due to lack of oxygen to the brain. This is called G-LOC

Roller coaster engineers have to design roller coasters to exert a safe amount of Gs.

You can withstand a greater amount of g's, or lessen the effects of high G-forces with proper training or a pressurize suit.

Overloaded capillaries can rupture, causing small punctate bruises known as geasles or G-induced measles.

Fun Fact:At sea level on Earth your G-force is 1. To find your weight at a specific G-force, you multiply your weight at 1 G-force by the amount that is exerted on you.


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