Effects of environmetal

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Environmental Studies

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Effects of environmetal

Enviromental Factors affect human health and the earth itself, both postiive and negative. Positive effects of enviromental factors feature:- Sources of nutrition(farming: soil quality, water availability, biodiversity) - water(drinking, cooking; cleaning/sanitation) - air quality - ozone (protection from UV, cancers) Negative effects of enviromental factors include: - enviromental disruptions: floods, droughts, storms, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes- air quality: pollen and pollution leading to respiratory diseases or cancers. - Human changes of the enviroment that create conditions that favour disease create temporary, intense, life-threatening heat islands. (urban heat waves caused by climate change and Deforestation - disturb and release noxious levels of prevouisly bound chemicals (ex: mercury)


Effects of enviromental factors of the body and the enviroment By: Adi

Effects of negative enviromental factors on health and the enviroment Human Industry and the enviroement produces factors that affect human health and the enviroment in a negative effect such as: - Deforestation: Global warming, flooding, water vapor, soil erosion can lead to slit entering the lakes, streams and other water sources. This can decrease local water quality and contribute to poor health in populations near or in the area. - Pollution: Fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone can affect human respritory and cardiovascular systems, increased respiratory and cardiovascular mortalty, asthma exacerbation, decreased lung function. Envriomental Impacts; Ground-level damages to vegatation, including crops, flowers and forsests. Nitrogen oxides and sulpher dioxide can become acidic gases or with ammonia the precursors of acid rain which affects soils, water bodies, and stresses both vegatation and animals.

Wild Volcanoes

Good Air Quaility

Causes of negative enviromental factors1. Air pollution: Air pollution releases sulpher dioxide into the air causing global warming and acid rain. 2. Water pollution occurs for several factors; the industral wastes are dumped into the rivers and other water bodies leading to severe water contaminationand death of aquatic species.3. Land Pollution: The degradation of the earth's surfaces and soil is caused by human activity and the misuse of the earth's resources. The causes of land pollution include: - Urban sprawl: Natural habitats are being removed to make room for communites which are ineffiect or irresponible planning, also for unused devolpment(excessive roads, decorative and unused areas,etc).- Industrial activities: the production of chemical-laden plastics, poor quality of products, unethical practices(illegal dumping) and extreme emmissions.

How Enviromental factors are created and how they work Enviromental factors were created by the earth itself and created a big effect on the earth, now that human industry haas been created the effect grows bigger and bigger in a negative way than a positive.For Ex: Pollution: Smog hangs over cities is the most familiar and obvious form of air pollution. But there are differnent kinds of pollution- some are visible, some are invisible- that contribute to the effects of global warming. Any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living effects on living things and the envrioment is considered air pollution. Global Warming: The earth is warming up, from the North Pole to the South Pole and everywhere in between the two poles. The tempreture is not only rising',it's melthing glaciers and sea ice, it's also shifting precipitation parterns and setting animals on the move.

Effects of enviromental factors on the earth and human health both positive and negative effects

Water Contamination

Clean Water


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