Effects of Alcohol

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Effects of Alcohol

Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol has several immediate and long term effects that should ideally be common knowledge.

It is important to understand the consequences that come with alcohol abusei.e. Drunk Driving, spousal abuse, assault, family problems

Long Term effects of Alcohol:

Alcohol and your Brain:

Short Term:distorted vision, hearing, and coordinationaltered perceptions and emotionsimpaired judgment, which can lead to accidents, drowning, and other risky behaviors like unsafe sex and drug usebad breathhangovers

Long Term: Disrupts normal brain development;Liver damage and cirrhosis of the liver;Brain cells die, decreasing brain mass;Stomach and intestinal ulcers and destroyed organs;Blood pressure increases, causing heart disease, heart attack, or stroke;Male sperm production decreases;Lower levels of iron and vitamin B, causing anemia;Alcoholism;Death; andFetal alcohol syndrome in unborn children.



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