Effective Strategies teaching Mathematics

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Effective Strategies teaching Mathematics

The research showed that effective tecahing is a direct correlation between the way a tecaher teaches and how well a student preforms. This research also suggested that material taught should be explicit and taught in a particular sequence.

Research Based on Teacher Effectiveness

The strategies include Explicit Instruction,Peer tutoring, and Cooperative learning

Effective Strategies teaching mathematics:

1. Explicit instruction involves clear and specific examples to help a student understand a concept better.

2. Peer tutoring can be very effective but it requires a lot of supervison. The teacher will pick and train students to be the tutors but the teacher needs to be sure the tutor will teach the correct information.

3. Cooperative learning is another word for students working together. In math, cooperative learning would be having the students work together in small group to work on a more complicated or more involved problem. This allows students to share ideas.

By: Meg Irvine and Maddie Richardson


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