Effect of the Food

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Effect of the Food

How do the food we eat and where they are grown connect us with people around the world?

In Japan, Japanese people eat sushi and sashimi that use rice with vinegar, raw fish and wasabi.In China, Chinese people eat pork buns, rice, rice noodles and cut bamboo in small pieces.

You need to know every different plants grows in different place,Because the climate, temperature and the weather are different.Ex:banana grows in hot place, if you put banana in the cold place It will freeze.

In the world some people eat rice some people eat noodles some people eat bug some people eat fish and some people eat a neat.

Good-> you can eat different kind of food in the world.Bad->some food some poeple will don't like it.

Different crops grow in the world.

Available food affect traditional cuisines.

What is advantages and problems of sharing foods around the world?

What are people's food preferences?


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