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Social Studies
European history

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Edwin Izquierdo

The Elizabetahan era was one of the most famous England's history. The Elizanetan era started when Queen Elizabeth became queen in 1558 and ended in 1603. This was the first theatre era in England. During that era there were lots Crimes, Punishments, Executions, Tortures, Religion, Politics.

Famous people

-Sir Francis Drake-Sir Walter Raleigh-Mary Queen of Scots-Sir Francis Walsingham-William Shakespeare-Christopher Marlowe-John Dee-Lord Robert Dudley


Womens in those time use to wear gowns, hats, corsets, underwear, collars, ruffs and shoes. Mens use to wear doublets, breeches, underwear, collars, ruffs, hats and shoes. They used to wear lots of jewelry. People weren't allowed to wear what they liked.


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Elizabethan Period

The Elizabethan Period



- Archery - bowling- dice- hammer-throwing- wrestling

Edwin Izquierdo


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