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Edwin Hubble

Date of Birth: November 20, 1889Location of Birth: Marshfield, Missouri, U.S.Date of Death: September 28, 1953Location of Death: San Marino, California, U.S.

Key Facts

Many astronomers during the early 1900's believed that all stars and other celestial objects in space were all part of the Milky Way galaxy, which contains our solar system.

Historical Theory of the Universe

Milky Way Galaxy

Edwin Hubble’s Impact on the Field of Astronomy:Edwin Hubble was a well known American astronomer who revolutionized our understanding of the universe this includes it’s size and structure. In addition, he laid the foundation for the cosmological theory of the expanding universe. Hubble studied a hazy patch in the sky called the Andromeda Nebula where he noticed that the stars resembled to those in the Milky Way Galaxy, nevertheless the stars were much fainter. Due to these observations, he concluded that stars in the nebula are much farther from Earth than the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy and established that the Andromeda Nebula was indeed a secluded galaxy. He also concluded that the Andromeda Nebula is roughly 900,000 light years away. Eventually in 1923, Hubble was able to prove the existence of the immense number of galaxies that exist outside the Milky Way Galaxy, he called these galaxies "island universes."Edwin Hubble formed the basis of modern cosmology, the study of the origin of the universe through his theory that the universe is constantly expanding. He studied the speed that galaxies maneuver away from each other, which led to his discovery of the relationship between a galaxy’s speed and it’s distance. His conclusion was that the more distant galaxies are from each other, the quicker they motion away from each other. In 1929, this became known as Hubble's law.

Interesting Facts about Edwin Hubble:- His father, John Powell Hubble was a lawyer in the insurence business and his mother, Virginia Lee James was a housewife.- The Hubbles had eight childern.- Unexpectly, Hubble without hesitation chose to devote his life to astronomy when he previously chose law as his career choice.- In 1917, he enlisted in the army for World War I and served as a line officer in the American Expeditionary Force.- In addition, in 1917, he earn his Ph.D. degree from the university of Chicago.- He was an honorary member of the Mount Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California from 1919 until his death.- In 1936, Hubble wrote his own book entitled The Realm of the Nebulae that explained his approach of extragalactic astronomy.- He never received a Nobel Peace Prize for there was no category associated with astronomy at the time.-During World War II, he became the head of ballistics at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.- He earned the Medal of Merit in 1946 for his work during the World War II.

This is the Hubble Telescope that was named after him in his honor.




Edwin Hubble1889-1953By: Jasmine Samot




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