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Edwin Hubble


Edwin Hubble was born to John and Virginia Lee James on November 20, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. Hubble died on September 28, 1953. He was 64 . Hubble had 8 brothers and sisters until one day when his sister died of scarlet fever not long after Edwin got in an argument with her. Edwin was devestated.

Edwin graduated from highschool in 1906 and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Chicago. He joined the basketball team at Chicago and their record was 24-2 in 1907 to 1908. Then Hubble graduated and got a scholar ship to Oxford University.

In Chicago Edwin used the biggest telescpoe in the world.

When Hubble graduated from Oxford he went back to Chicago to use the largest telescope in the world. Hubble spent many hours at the telescope studying. Later, Hubble joined the army and became a general. Hubble served in World War I.

Hubble continued on studying. He invented the Hubble law. This measured the galaxies far away. He also invented a telescope that takes pictures in space and sends them back to Earth. This telescope is called the Hubble Telescope travels 5 miles in one second. Later, N.A.S.A named a crator after Hubble on the moon.



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