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Edwin Howard Armstrong

Education/BackroundAs an undergraduate, and later as a professor at Columbia University, Armstrong worked from his parent's attic in Yonkers, New York, to develop the regenerative circuit, the superheterodynereceiver, and the superregenerative circuit. He studied under Professor Mihajlo Pupin at the Hartley Laboratories, a separate research unit at Columbia University. Thirty-one years after graduating from Columbia he became Professor of Electrical Engineering, filling the vacancy left by the death of Professor J. H. Morecroft.[11] He held the position until his death.

Family History/BackroundEdwin H. Armstrong was born in the Chelsea district of New York City to John and Emily Armstrong in December 18, 1890. His father was the American representative of the Oxford University Press, which published Bibles and standard classical works.Emily Smith first met John Armstrong in the North Presbyterian Church, which was located at 31st Street and Ninth Avenue.At the age of eight Armstrong contracted a disease that was known as St. Vitus' Dance, which left him with a lifelong tic when excited or under stress. Then when got older married the secetary of his boss, Miss Esther Marion Macinnis.

This is a video of an F.M radio being described

At age 11 he witnessed Guglielmo Marconi's transatlantic radio transmission, which inspired him to learn all about radio.

Biography of Edwin Howard ArmstrongEdwin Howard Armstrong created the F.M. radio for his wife in 1922

How he got inspired

The F.M. radio was built in 1922 for his wife Esther Marion MacInnis. It was a big box that picked up certain sound waves. In general, FM radio refers to radio that is broadcast using FM, or frequency modulation, as its modulation scheme. Frequency modulation is the shifting of the frequency of the transmitted signal above and below an assigned "center frequency" or "carrier frequency" to impress the signal on the carrier. This modulation scheme is resistant to noise to a much greater degree than amplitude modulated (AM) signals.

The F.M. radio impacted the world by letting every single person in the future to listen to music, talk shows, new channels, etc. We could know if something was wrong from the radio, what is happening in the world or what we need to know/do to tell what is going to happen. And we can just listen to awesome tunes and listen to what our favorite sport teams are doing as the play or how they did when they played. The radio has impacted the world a lot.

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Facts of Edwin Howard Armstrong...1. he built the F.M. radio2. stabbed his wife with a fireplace poker in the arm(he was crasy)3. Esther Marion Macinnis left to go live with her sister after the incident4. Edwin H. Armstrong got very upset about hurting his wife he took his own and comitted suicide from the 13th floor of his apartment, he took out the air conditioning and jumped5. made the radio for his wife and then it went to be made for everyone 6. he was crasy