Edwin Chadwick

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Edwin Chadwick

Edwin Chadwick

Who is Edwin Chadwick?

Edwin Chadwick reformed sanitation in London and changed the sewer systems. He also helped reform laws having to do with sanitation & public health. He made changes that helped form the sanitation system of London that they use today.

Edwin Chadwick was born January 24, 1800 in Manchestar, England. He started studying law whe he was 23. He was particlarly close to Jeremy Bentham and was his secretary for quite some time until Mr. Bentham died in 1832. After that he started working as a secretary for the Poor Law Commision. He used his investigation & aministration skills to help reform laws targeted at the poor. Edwin Chadwick transformed sanitation in London. He married Rachel Dawson in 1839, the same year he started research in sanitation. Many disagreed with his ideas and was forced into early retiernment at the age of 54. He was knighted on March 4, 1889 for his work in Public Health. He died at the age of 90 on July 5, 1890.

Edwin ChadwickQuote

''There is a moral as well as an intellectual objection to the custom, frequent in these times, of making education consist in a mere smattering of twenty different things, instead of in the mastery of five or six.''

Portrait of Edwin Chadwick

Sewers of london in the 1800's

Streets of London, 1800's

Jeremy Bentham, one of Edwin Chadwick's adviseres


Edwin Chadwick.......*Helped reform sanitation*Reformed laws having to do with the poor*Helped start the Public Health Act of 1848 with his writings

Edwin Chadwick helped the government reform public health & sanitation. He made the association between high mortality rates and the condition of the sewers & public waste control. He

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