[2013] Cameron Holquist (Tanguay): Edwin Booth

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[2013] Cameron Holquist (Tanguay): Edwin Booth

Edwin Booth

Edwin's Life

1.born on November 13, 1833 2. died on June 7, 1893. 3. became a Shakespearan actor and went all around the United States and Europe. 4. performed in with his father in Richard III of 1849. 5. managed the Winter Garden Theater in Manhattan but ig got bruned down in 1867. 6. went bankrupt during the Panic of 1837. 7. most known for being in Hamlet. 8.John Wilkes Booth (his brother) killed, President Lincoln when a year before Edwin saved Lincoln's oldest son Robert Todd Lincoln.

9. Went with his father on theatrical circuits since he had little schooling10. Married Mary Devlin in 1860 who he met in Richmond, Virginia.11. married his partner Mary McVicker in 1869. after Mary died 12. works were sensitive, integrated in tone, gesture, and setting, and full of poetic power13. buried next to Mary Devlin at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts14. performed on stage only once with his brothers in 1864. 15. graduated from Torrington High School in 1938

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