Edwards v. Aguillard

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Edwards v. Aguillard

Edwards vs. Aguillard:Creationism in School

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"Supernatural being created humankind"

Creationism: The belief that God created everything in the world.

In Louisiana in the year of 1987, Aguillard found that the Creationism Act(which required the teachings of creation science be taught in schools, its evolution science is being taught) in Lousiana, violated the constitutional rights of the people.

Supreme Court Case Ruling:

Aguillard vs. Edwards 7-2Courts Decision: The Creationism Act of Lousiana violates the Establishment Clause of the first Amendment. Although the intentions of the Creationism Act was to protect academic freedom, the act instead limitted the science that teachers were allowed to teach, not protecting academic freedom




The court found that the Creationism Act was intended to promote religion, violating the establishment clause. As a result, some creationists refashioned creation science to avoid any references to the bible, to god, or to any particular religion. The ruling affected state schools but not independent schools like: home schools, Sunday schools, and Christian Schools

Arguments for Edwards- Stated the Creationism Act was passed to protect academic freedom- Intention of the Creationism Act was to prevent teachings of evolution that were antithetical to his beliefs- If evolution science is being taught in schools, then so should creation science.Arguments for Aguillard-The teachings of evolution endorses a certain religious viewpoint- The Creationism Act violated the Establishment Clause- Violates the first prong of the Lemon Test-Court found that the Act restricted educators instead of giving them freedom- The act limitted the sciences that teachers are allowed to teach academic freedom


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