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Assignment !

Full Name: Dr. Edwin Powell HubbleDate of Birth: November 20, 1889Place of Birth:Marshfield, Missouri, USADied: September 28, 1953Place of Death: San Marino, California, USA

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Edward Hubble

Who was Edward Hubble?

Edward Hubble moved to Chicago when he was 10 from Missouri. During his high school years there, he was known to be very athletic in track and field and even set the high jump record for Illinois. Edwin was also very smart. He attended Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship. At first he had been taking Astronomy and Mathematics, however dropped Astronomy and decided to study Law instead. After University, Edward practiced being a lawyer in Kentucky and notmuch later, realized it was not for him and that his one true passion was Astronomy. He decided to study Astronomy at the Yerkes Observatory and received a doctorate from the University of Chicago in 1917.

What did He Discover?

Dr. Edward Hubble was hired to work at the Mount Wilson Observatory. He was luckyenough to be one of the first people to use the new 100 inch reflective telescope.He took many pictures and observed the night skies. It was here where he discovered something fundamental in astrophysics. He helped prove that the universe in expanding and that we are not the only galaxy in the universe. This goes to prove that Albert Einstein was right on his theory of relativity. Edward also devised a classification theory on galaxies. He grouped them together by content, distance, shape and brightness. He realized that by measuring the rate of expansion he would be able to determine how oldthe universe is. It was here that he formulated Hubble’s Law in 1929

His Legacy

It is thanks to Edward Hubble and the people that he worked with that we know so much about our universe. In memoriam to him NASA named their Hubble Space Telescope after Dr. Edwin Hubble himself. He is known to be the world’s most famous astronomer to date.


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