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Edward Tulane




I Cant Believe

I Would Reccomend This Book

I Can't Believe that Abeline walked in with her daughter her daughter saw Edward. Abeline her mom rememered that was Edward. Edward thought hanging around Abelines neck was a locket but it was his pocket watch.

I would recomend this book because its a very fun adventure story. Also Edward meets all these new people along the way. My friend likes adventure storys. So I think this is a great book for her!

In the beginning Edward was a selfishrabbit who was rewarded with elegantsuits made out of silk. Edwards owner was a 10 year old girl with dark hair named Abilene Tulane, who thought almost as highly of Edward as Edward thought as himself.

In the beginning of the story it takes place on Egypt street in Abilene's house and Edward Tulane gets treated very real like an actual reallife person. Then Edward ended up in a doll shop because Bryce brought him there. Lucius Clark fixed up Edward and put him on a shelf to be sold.

By:Alexandria Angelini Genre:FantasyAuthor:Kate DiCamillo

In Kate DiCamillos The Miraculos Journey Of Edward Tulane, Edward is a selfish rabbit. He gets separated from his original owner and then goes on many adventures throughout the story. When Abilene went on a cruise, two boys grabbed Edward off the bench next to Abilene. They started playing catch with him and when Amos was about to throw Edward back, Abilene tackled him and Edward went flying over board. One adventure Edward had been stuck in a garbage dump. Then a friendly dog Lucy came for Edward and he picked him up and ran back to his owner Bull the Hobo. Edward was also happy there because he got entertained by Bull's nice singing. Then Edward ended up in a shop waiting to be sold. A girl and her mother walked into the shop. The girl looked at Edward and stopped because she really liked him. Abilene was actually the girl's mother and she made eye contact with Edward. Edward realized that locket Abilene was wearing was actually Edward's golden pocketwatch.

Edward Tulane

I give this book: 5 stars


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