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Edward Tulane


Author: Kate DiCamillo

Book report



Title : The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


In the beginning of the story Edward lives in a house with Abilene on Egypt street. In the middle of the story Edward lives in the house of a fisherman Lawrence and his wife Nellie. He also lived in different places like ocean, garbage dump, country side, the home of Sarah, and Neal's diner. Finally toward's the end he lives in a workshop of a doll mender and ends up on a doll shelf where Abiline finds Edward many years later.

Edward Tulane is a rabbit made of China that only cares for himself. He wears fine silk suits and has a easy life with Abilene in the beginning but in the end he changes, Edward is given to Abilene on her 7th birthday by her grandmother Pelligrina. Abilene is a 10 year old girl who adores Edward. She has curly hair and does many things for Edward, she takes him everywhere and always shows him how much she loves him.

This is Edward Tulane

Genre: Fiction


The story is about a china rabbit Edward Tulane who goes on many adventures after he is seperated from his owner Abilene. Abilene is a ten year old girl that cares and loves Edward, but Edward does not care or love Abilene back. Only after something terrible happens to him, he learns to love and care for others. Edward's journey takes him from from home. Edward is eventually broken and repaired by a doll mender Lucius Clarke. Edward sits in a doll store where he is offered for sale and several years later is bought by Abilene who now has a daughter of her own.

Glog by: Marissa Randazza

I really liked this book Edward Tulane and would recommend it to a friend. I like how during the story Edward went on many adventures and changed for the better. In the beginning Edward only cared about himself and nobody else . In the end after all of his adventures he learned to care about other people and not just himself.

I can't believe that Edward was on a ship with Abilene when two boys Amos and Martin took Edward, ripped off his clothes and started throwing him back on forth. Martin missed Edward and Edward fell off the ship and stayed there for many years.


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