Edvard Grieg

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Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg was born June 15, 1843 in Bergen, Norway and died September 4, 1907 in Bergen, Norway.

Grieg wrote the Peer Gynt Suite. This clip is the first part of the song.

Married his first cousin who is called Nina Hagerup. She was born in Bergen, Norway.

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"In The Hall Of The Mountain King", " Anitra's Dance", Once Upon A Time", and " Solvieg's Song" are some of Edvard Griegs most famous pieces.

By: Kyle LombardWill Theilacker

Edvard Grieg went to school at Tank's school in Bergen,Norway.

Edvard Grieg He had no chlidren and he had a career as a pianist and a composer.

Edvard Grieg had no siblings.

Edvard Grieg died from a long period of illness.

Performed in Copenhagen on the piano with Edmund Neupert who was also a famous pianist.

Most of Edvard's family were musician's. His mom taught him how to play the piano.

Edvard had a friend named Ole Bull who was also a composer.



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