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Glogster EDU is a free, private, and safe platform, monitored and controlled directly and solely by teachers, and is a valuable educational experience that integrates diverse core subjects including math, science, history, art, photography, music and other course content. Teachers, who use the site as an alternative to classic poster board assignments, set up a private virtual classroom through and then introduce and integrate dynamic multi-sensory learning activities into traditionally text-oriented subjects. The students create “Glogs”, made with text, images, videos, photos, graphics, music, and more, to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the subject assigned. Glogster EDU offers students fun, imaginative, and powerful learning experiences which foster independent creative self expression, positive learner-teacher relationships, and teamwork on collaborative projects.According to a new study by SRI International for the Department of Education, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. Glogster EDU was conceived with this attitude in mind and endeavors to imaginatively, productively, and collaboratively respond to the dynamic online educational landscape and exceed the needs of today’s educators and learners.“Bottom line is that students learn better while having fun,” said James Dachos, Education Manager for Glogster EDU. “Glogster EDU produces a creative, dynamic and innovative digital outlet that captures a learner's excitement for online creations, while keeping them engaged in course content. That makes teaching and learning fun for everyone.” In addition, educators are utilizing Glogster EDU’s interactive characteristics to promote differentiated instruction, provide alternatives for student assessment, and enhance their blogs, wikis, and web pages in effective and innovative ways. James adds, “many of the changes we have made are the direct result of the ongoing feedback we obtain from our current clients and reinforces our commitment to them that “Glogster is yours!”“We value the participation of educators and strive to copy their contributions to Glogster EDU,” said Glogster and Glogster EDU Co-Founder Patrik Prepsl. “Educators from all over the world are integrating Glogster EDU’s resourceful platform to make traditional learning more dynamic, more interactive and more in tune with learners today.”Each member of the secure virtual learning community has the opportunity to network with students and teachers in collaborative dialogue, interactive classroom projects, thematic units, and school, district, or world-wide initiatives. The results are meaningful opportunities for authentic work, global participation, and concrete experiences of learners and educators making meaningful contributions to their learning communities together. Glogster EDU democratizes the expanded classroom experience to allow for a participatory culture and prepare students with skills critical for the 21st century.In addition to the changes Glogster made to its education platform, Glogster EDU is also actively collaborating with industry leaders to further enhance its product and reach. As a result of a recent partnership with Schooltube, Glogster EDU users can now embed safe video content into their Glogs with the push of a button. Subsequently, Glogster EDU was just chosen by PBWorks as its resource of choice to creatively augment page content. Now Glogs can easily be embedded into PBworks’ wikis. Lastly, Glogster is teaming with Voicethread in the coming months to allow that product to integrate seamlessly into an educational Glog.Glogster TwitterGlogster SchoolTubeGlogster FacebookGlogsterAndrew Connelly,

Lois Paul

A private and safe platform, monitored directly by teachers. Teachers control all the activities of their learners.poster yourself

A creative, dynamic, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner's excitement for online creations, keeps learners engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.poster yourself

A valuable teaching tool that integrates diverse core subjects including math, science, history, art, photography, music and more for individual learner portfolios, unique alternative assessments, and differentiated instructional activities.


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