Educational Teaching Philosophy

by eluma
Last updated 4 years ago

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Educational Teaching Philosophy

I Believe:1) it is important for students to have access to as many resources as possible. 2) it is important for students to express their learning in creative ways.3) it is important for students to be educated in ways that will prepare them for functioning in the real world. 4) all of these things can be achieved through the integration of technology.

Educational Technology Philosphy

-Students have access to significantly more resources with the use of technology.-Students are able to present their knowledge in creative ways that suite them best.-Students live in a technologically driven world and can better relate to lessons in which technology is involved.


-Using technology does not always benefit certain types of learners (kinesthetic, naturalistic, Interpersonal etc.).-When technology does not work properly, it can be a hinderance more thn a help.


Technological Integration!


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